Sunday, August 30, 2009

From the College Kitchenette: 1st Meal!

I'm incorporating a new section into my blog called "From the College Kitchenette" which will be about what I'm cooking in my college kitchenette (which I'm thrilled about because I've escaped the hideously expensive meal plan). It'll be a food log of my vegan dishes keeping in mind a college budget and lack of fancy equipment.

So, here it is first meal cooked in a college kitchenette! It's not much considering I'm lacking a lot of ingredients from back home, but it's better than what most college students eat!

Flavored veggie crumbles: 0.99/5 = approx $0.25
Vegetable stir-fry:
Organic broccoli: 4.16/3 = approx $1.39
Organic carrot: $0.20
Oil: 3.99/50 = approx $0.08
Bragg's Liquid Aminos: 4.19/50 = approx $0.08
Salt: 3.99/150 = approx $0.03
Brown rice: 7.95/50 = approx $0.16

There you go. Enough for lunch and dinner.
Total of $2.19, which makes $1.10 per meal...the same price as something from the dollar menu of a fast food restaurant. Much better than a meal plan, which for my school is $1800 for 10 meals per week for the semester ($10 per meal).

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  1. Hey there, great blog you've got going! I'm Chinese Canadian vegetarian and would love to see more blogs with Chinese vegan recipes!


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