Monday, April 5, 2010

From the College Kitchenette: Soygurt on the Go!!!

I am always on the go and recently I've developed an addiction to soygurt...specifically Alpro Soya Plain Yogurt . But alas, if I pack it in the morning for my midday snack, the granola gets soggy by the time I eat it. I would totally buy those individual packs with granola and yogurt separated, but a) they are usually pricier than buying in bulk b) they're usually not vegan c) come on, I want different options depending on my mood!!!

When I was a kid, in my omni days, I used to get those Fruit Parfaits from McDonald's and I loved pouring the granola from the top and mixing it with the yogurt bottom. My nifty contraption helps me relive those days...I took two hummus containers: one big and one small and stacked them together.

I scoop the granola (or in this case, Jordan's Super Berry Muesli) into the bottom (the bigger container) and the plain yogurt into the bottom because if the yogurt is in the bigger container, it'll make a mess on the bottom of the smaller container., the lid is on the liquids, which makes even more sense. Yeah, but I'd rubber band it for safe measure. Yum for non-soggy granola and if I wanted to pack it the night before...I can and it'll still taste just as delicious!

Happy eating!
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