Monday, July 27, 2009

Salad Feast w/ "Honey"-Almond-Mustard Dressing

We rarely turn on the A/C in the summer because my mother insists on cutting the size of our bills. Sometimes, it gets up to 85-90 inside with no real air circulation and I'm sweaty like no tomorrow. Hence, I am getting very turned off by using the stove or ovens now. (No pun intended). So, this entry will highlight those days when we're too bummed out from the heat to do anything.

As you probably already know, Chinese eating is very communal and for us, salad is no different. We just grab the amounts of things we want from the center to our plates and everyone is happy. It's a great thing to do even with guests around. This is another reason why I usually never order salad in a restaurant. When you have salad feasts, no other salad really matches up after that.

That's what a typical salad night prepped by me is like...

Here's a list of what's pictured:
-Alfalfa sprouts
-Bell peppers
-Mixed Salad Greens
-Nutritional Yeast
-Orzo Salad
(Orzo, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Pine Nuts, Sunflower seeds, Lime Juice, Bragg's 24 Spices)
-Red cabbage
-Wheat Germ
-Vegit Seasoning
-Salad Dressing (varies depending on what we're craving)
Not Pictured:
-Avocados (The ones bought rotted, so we couldn't eat them. Shame, I love avocados)

Okay, let's cut to the chase. The dressing.

Ingredients (from most to least:
-Dijon Mustard
-Almond Butter
-Agave Nectar
-Lime Juice
-Nutritional Yeast
-Flax Seed Oil

I don't use any measurements, I just do it it by eyeballing it and mixing to taste. The tahini is bitter, so the don't use too much and try to balance it out with lime juice. The nutritional yeast is for thickening the dressing.

I may go experiment and find out exact measurements if anyone requests.


  1. I love the idea of communal eating-- one would feel so much more in touch with the food and the people around that way. In India, we eat with our fingers rather than forks and knives because it is so much more sensual. Kind of the same idea, I guess...
    About the French bread, if you want to make it whole-wheat, I wouldn't recommend substituting more than 1/2 cup of the all-purpose flour with whole wheat or the texture of the bread would be too heavy. For a recipe that incorporates more whole-grain try this: It's a little more complicated to make, but also really delicious.

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