Monday, September 7, 2009

From the College Kitchenette: Cooking Frenzy

So, classes begin tomorrow, which is okay with me. The only thing is...I have to intern and work as well, which leaves me no time to cook during the week! I have no choice but to cook enough to last me through Thursday. Here are the dishes I whipped up today...

First, we have Zucchini Medley...which consists of carrots, summer squash, zucchini, (obviously). I was excited that Whole Foods had them on sale for $0.79 per pound. I would've added pine nuts, but I haven't got the time or budget to get it.

Squash: $0.40
Zucchini: $0.44
Carrot: $0.56/3 = approx $0.19
Salt: $3.99/150 = approx $0.03
Oil: $3.99/50 = approx $0.08
Total for dish = $1.14

Next, we have Tofu Scramble, another favorite of mine...except I forgot to get garlic. It tasted fine, nonetheless.

Bell Pepper: $0.93/2 = approx $0.47
Firm Tofu: $1.25
Onion: $0.77/4 = approx $0.19
Turmeric: $3.39/30 = approx $0.11
Oil: $3.99/50 = approx $0.08
Salt: $3.99/150 = approx $0.03
Black Pepper: $1.00/50 = $0.02
Total for dish = $2.15

Up next, we have String Bean Stir-fry! Very yummy. I was pleased that the veggie crumbles were on sale at Jack's 99c Store.

String Beans: $2.00/2 = $1.00
Veggie Crumbles: $0.99/5 = approx $0.25
Oil: $3.99/50 = approx $0.08
Total for dish = $1.33

Then, we have the eggplant my roommate bought from Chinatown and a Vietnamese Basil plant I bought from Union Square's farmer's market.. So, hooray for Eggplant Stir-Fry!

Chinese eggplant: $1.10/3 = approx $0.37
Bragg's Liquid Aminos: 4.19/50 = approx $0.08
Basil: $2.00/25 = approx $0.08
Salt: 3.99/150 = approx $0.03
Oil: $3.99/50 = approx $0.08
Total for dish = $0.64

Last but not least is cooked corn on a cob. Bought at Union's Square's Farmer's Market. Crisp and sweet. Nommy.
5 cobs of corn: $2.00
Total for dish = $2.00

Add all of this with brown rice (7.95/50 = approx $0.16) and it's $7.42 for 4 meals which gives a grand total of $1.86 per meal.

Hooray for frugal and time-constrained college living. We don't even have enough counter space in the kitchenette that we had to use the top of our drawers for the appliances and a place to put the food. But it's still worth not having to rely on cafeteria food or eating out all the time!

P.S.I apologize for not posting recipes...but I've been so hectic trying to get things settled down in the dorm.

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